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As of August 2012, Daekyo America decided to re-brand the Enopi product to "Eye-Level."  Rest assured that our function and mission remain the same. 

Eye-Levels approach improves your child's performance through a proprietary system of personalized study that is designed to feel comfortable and easy on a daily basis.  Each day's work becomes slightly more challenging set than the set worked the day before.  Daily study builds skill and strength. 

These factors allow Eye-Level students to keep going where other programs offer little support--true advancement beyond grade level with full application of mathematical principles.  Eye-Level work is designed to properly train the brain how to handle "NEW" challenges, not just the ones studied.  

At Eye-Level, we do not treat your child as a receptacle needing to be filled with knowledge; rather, we treat your child as the unique, special person he or she is, and cater to his/her specific learning needs by customizing a study path based on your child's unique neurological behaviors and tendencies.  At Eye-Level, there are no "classes" where groups of children are taught the same thing at the same time. 


What is Enopi?

  • South Korean Math and Reading enrichment program for ages 3-14
  • Only program that actually TEACHES critical thinking
  • Follows the recommendations of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  • E.nopi follows a set curriculum that is designed to provide a strong foundation, so student will not have gaps in their learning
  • Prepares for Gifted, State, SAT, ACT testing


What does E.nopi mean?

  • E.nopi means "eye level"
  • The philosophy is that every child has the potential to learn and master Math & Reading in their own way.  
  • We can adapt the program to the student's level
  • We can adapt to the student's pacing


What is Critical Thinking Math?

A: Critical Thinking Math is all about enhancing your child’s ability to solve problems creatively, critically and effectively. There are five aspects of E.nopi Math’s Critical Thinking Math – Patterns & Relationships, Depth Perception, Problem Solving, Measurement, and Reasoning.

For example, questions of Patterns & Relationship train students to recognize various object, symbol, line, shape, and domino patterns, before introducing number pattern sequences. One row of number patterns will then give way to two or three rows of number patterns, with an arithmetical relation between the different rows. This introduces students to the concept of Functions.

Questions of Depth Perception will train the student to recognize spatial orientation in 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional space. Students will also be taught transformation of figures through rotation, translation, mirror images, symmetry and so on. These are aspects of learning Geometry.


Measurement will teach students to compare various units such as volume, weight, length and area. Reasoning develops the logic and analytical skills to solve problems. In Problem Solving, students are further taught various methods to solve puzzles and quizzes of diverse situations, and also how to choose which method to use. Through E.nopi Critical Thinking Math, students learn creative ways of applying their mathematical knowledge to various aspects of everyday life, thus appreciating the value of the usage of mathematics.


   How do I enroll my child?

  • Please call 630-307-7475 or email to us at enopibloomingdale@gmail.com to schedule a Free Diagnostic Test.
  • By conducting a thorough, yet child friendly diagnostic Placement Evaluation, we are able to determine a child’s fundamental strengths and weaknesses.  We then create a specifically tailored program that builds upon the student’s strengths and practice them in the areas that
    underlie the student’s fundamental weaknesses.


Where are you located?


We are located at 398 W Army Trail Rd Ste 114,Bloomingdale, IL 60108. We are next to  Pier 1 Imports & in the same shopping center as Michaels.




What if a child is in advanced Math?

  • Most of our students are at, or above grade level
  • Our critical thinking takes them to a new level
  • E.nopi makes their school work and homework easier and quicker


How much E.nopi homework will they have everyday?

  • The best results are seen when students develop the habit of daily practice
  • Homework is very much encouraged (only 15 minutes per day on days they are not coming to our centers) but not required.
  • We do NOT assign booklet per day, as in other programs
  • Our work is different than other programs, requiring much deeper thinking


Will E.nopi confuse him/her with what they are doing at school?

  • E.nopi complements ALL school curriculum
  • Most school curriculum do not allow enough time and practice for mastery, our work does


What is a typical class like at E.nopi?

  • Our classes are 45  minutes long/subject
  • Students typically come to the center once a week during school year, and twice a week in the summer (Yes, there is an additional charge for twice a week)
  • Student turn their completed work and make corrections on previous work, including getting help if they did not understand the work
  • New work is begun in class, again seeing if help is needed
  • Homework is assigned
  • The remaining few minutes are for " Game Time" with additional practice on particular skills that the student needs more practice with


When are you open?

  • We are open year around.
  • Special programs are offered during summer along with the regular Enopi classes.
  • Classes are held on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. We are available by appointment on other days. 


There is no program like this in Bloomingdale and nearing area!

Call us at 630-307-7475 or email us at enopibloomingdale@gmail.com  to schedule a diagnostic test.

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