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August 27, 2014
Enopi has taught my child many helpful test taking skills, organizational skills as well as life skills. They focus on the entire child and teach the children to believe in themselves in the most positive environment possible. Keel up the good work.
-Mrs. M
August 27, 2014
We like EVERYTHING about the program. Timo has became a different student. He actually enjoys everything about the program and has become a better student.
-Parent of Timoleon Kapadoukakas
Feb 7, 2012
With their work, I don't have to make them sit down and do it - they're excited to do the work and look forward to coming here.
- Parent of Harsh and Nakul
Jan 26, 2012
My kids love Enopi. They even finish their work without my having to force them! Every Thursday morning he wakes up and says, "Mom, don't forget, today is my Enopi class!" I see a lot of change in his grades in school. Also, I like that their Enopi work connects to what they learn in school.
- Parent of Vivek and Jinil
Jan 26, 2012
My kids are eager to finish the books and to take assessment tests. The rewards program at Enopi really motivates young minds to strive for the best.
- Parent of Esha
Jan 26, 2012
This is a good learning program with critical thinking related math. Aside from direct educational benefits, it helps kids to do their homework, finish it on time, and helps them develop good study habits.
- Parent of Priya
Jan 26, 2012
Before Enopi my son was really struggling with his reading and English. After starting Enopi he improved a lot and really enjoys reading. Also, the Enopi math program, especially Critical Thinking, helped Om develop his thinking skills and calculation power.
- Parent of Om
Jan 26, 2012
"Mom, I love Enopi! Enopi is so much fun. I like to learn new things and it teaches new things," says my son, Aalok. Enopi has been a very positive and intellectual change for our family. Not only has it helped my three children improve in their reading comprehension, but it also has helped become aware of their strengths and areas for improvement. All this time, I thought my children were good at comprehending what they read. How my eyes have opened! Thanks to Enopi. With Ritu's help we have been able to really address their individual needs and change what is offered as their needs change over time. This location really cares about each and every student that walks through the door. Partnered with parents, there are big changes happening in our children's education. Thank you!
- Parent of Shaan, Ria, and Aalok
Jan 24, 2012
After my child started, she went up two reading levels on her MAP test for second grade in three months.
- Parent of Kisha
Rashmi ‎ - Aug 9, 2011
I am very very happy with my 5th grader' s performance after enrolling her in Enopi Bloomingdale. I have seen improvement in her writing skills as well as her MAP testing score within six months of enrollment. Their teaching style makes my child enthusiastic. The center is so convenient to drive from Roselle.
Nathan ‎ - Jul 23, 2011
My 2 children(5, 7,) are enrolled in Enopi of Bloomingdale for 1 year now. The director and staff are experienced and caring. My children love to go to this center. I drive from Schaumburg to Bloomingdale because of the care we get at this center. The director has lots of experience, she knows about the school system, the gifted program, and she adds extra learning activities, seminars at no charge. There are only for 4 students per teacher(unlike other programs/centers)! I am really happy with my children's growth, and love of learning. This center has incentive programs to keep children encouraged, my kids look forward to do their work to earn prizes. I strongly recommend this center.
Jackie ‎ - Jul 23, 2011
My 4 year old son is going to Enopi learning Center in Bloomingdale. That is the best decision I have made. I definitely can teach my son but it is not easy to teach your own child and I will not know in which order to teach. Also Enopi has such a nice solid program, it really builds strong base of how numbers are made, sounds, and even proper way of holding pencil. Their manipulative are great as visual aids and workbooks are colorful and fun. The CDs for listening are great to learn correct sounds from beginning.. The Bloomingdale center staff goes extra mile for each and every child. My son can't wait to go to the center every week and he is eager to do his work. He loves the wallet program. We love Bloomingdale center!
 By moondiz - Oct 5, 2010
I have been sending my 2nd grade twins to Enopi of Bloomingdale for math since May '10. My main goal was that the twins would do better in math. I was also hoping that it would make them more confident overall. They are not only doing better in math, but they are very confident and have improved in all their subjects. All the teachers go out of their way to make sure that the students have a positive & fun experience!!
Very Satisfied
 By rt - Aug 30, 2010
My daughter and son are both enrolled with E.nopi at Bloomingdale for math. reading & writing, I was sceptically at first, but wanted to give it a try since my daughter was having difficulty with Math. After just 10 weeks, I started to see a distinct improvement in my daughter's math ability and even though it was difficult for me to measure the improvement in my son, I noticed improvement in writing & vocabulary. I had enrolled my daughter in other programs like Kumon and had no luck, it was mere repetition which did not help. It really worked and I would highly recommend other parents to try it. The cost was reasonable, and my child received the attention that I was hoping for and I got RESULTS - the most important element for a frustrated parent!! I liked the critical thinking math which keeps my kids challenged and teached different ways of thinking.
Enopi Review
 By Jack - May 10, 2010
I have my son going to Bloomingdale, IL E.nopi Math and reading Program currently and I must say I am more than satisfied with program that E.nopi has. Anybody who has not heard about E.nopi or doubt about E.nopi program must take a serious look. Best way to compare E.nopi with any other program out there is by visiting center personally. Here is my observation: 1. Basic Math PLUS critical thinking math - Two separate path to keep child constantly thinking and challenged. 2. There are other tools too (other than workbook) like cubes, puzzles etc to bolster math concepts and fundamentals. 3. Students to Teacher Ratio is less than 6 : 1 4. colorful workbooks are gre great and kids loves them. 5. Their reading and writing program is very nice. 6. Philosophy of teaching child at eye level. I am not advertising E.nopi, however, I must defend. As I mentioned, visit center in your area, learn about programs. Enopi teaches child to achieve excellence not just success. Hope this helps.
 By Paresh - Dec 15, 2009
I look forward to having this center open. I know the owner and teachers from a different learning center my kids go to. I will be moving to this one as soon they open as I have first hand experience with and am completely satisfied with their methods, approach, and results.

alpa p. 3/5/2011

My both kids attend Enopi Bloomingdale Learning Center( 1 is in preschool and other 1st grade). this is a great program for reading and math. i have seen a difference in the way they work in just 6 months since we started. i don't have to fight to do the work there book are great. the teacher that they have are amazing. the kids look forward to go there every week. these are some of the amazing teachers that work there also they are certified teachers. and the director is of this facility is also amazing. she cares for each and every child that walks in like her own child. she always greats you with a smile. My kids since then develops that wonderful habit to work on there own and still excel in school. Best after school.

hope this was help to all the parents.

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